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How would you like to receive potential writing gigs directly to your inbox every day?


With the SFW Daily Writing Jobs subscription service, I am able to send you leads from jobs I've found around the web. This saves you hours of having to scour the internet for reputable gigs every day.

I am doing this to help writers save time and to find new writing jobs that many of the jobs boards tend to miss. After 10 years in the industry, I know how, where, and what to search for. Of course, you can learn a bit more about searching for and applying for gigs in my "How to become a: Freelance Writer" eBook, but with this service, you can start getting leads today.

For $9/mo:

You get at least 5 jobs sent to your inbox daily. I repeat, that's at least 5 reputable job leads per day straight to your email, every weekday. It also means a free week of jobs versus the weekly option that you can learn more about below!

I have found that the more frequently you apply to writing jobs, the more likely you are to get more jobs. Free gem: being one of the first to apply helps your odds astronomically.

As someone that has hired writers off of Indeed, Upwork, and other popular platforms, many pitches/applications go unread when there is a large pool.

Again, this is to help fellow writers find leads and gigs that will make them money. If you happen to no longer need the list or just need to pause because you've got so many gigs, you can cancel your subscription immediately - no questions asked. Just email and you will not be charged for the next week/month.

Want a different option?

You can also sign up for weekly job postings instead of receiving them daily. Thats at least 25 paid writing leads sent to you every Sunday! This subscription service is only $5/week and you can also cancel at any time.

Get at least 25 job postings sent to your inbox every Sunday for only $5/week by clicking here.

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